June dates added

6. 15 Brooklyn, NY - Red Hook Park w/ Dan Deacon Ensemble

6.25 Philadelphia, PA - Danger Danger w/ Union, Matteah Baim
6.26 Brooklyn, NY - Death by Audio (Impose Mag Northside Festival)
6.27 Baltimore, MD - Jesus Camp w/ Union, Matteah Baim

Matteah Baim is an old friend and sometimes collaborateur and a very hard hitter in the realm of quiet music. Union is the uniquely weird duo of Eliza Douglas and Hunter Hunt-Hendrix (singer for Liturgy), singing unison in a mind-melting chant style with keyboard, gtr and drum machine. Or at least last I saw them. Should be some perverse, amazing shit.

Red Hook w/ Dan - duh, psyched.

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